Selecting the Proper Building Materials for Your Shed

After you have purchased your shed plans, the first step is to identify the materials that your project will require. The plans should include a detailed list of materials as well as the building sections for your shed. The roof and foundation are the most important components, yet they are discussed in other articles. Other essential parts of your shed include siding, flooring, doors, roof covering and windows. Also, buying the right lumber is critical as it is the predominant material in any wood shed.

Save Money! – Get a List of Materials to Build Your Shed

Shed Siding
When it comes to siding, there are many alternatives from which to choose. Typical siding materials include wood, metal and vinyl. The most natural and popular choice in storage sheds is wood. Use treated wood and paint it if you would like your siding to last a long time. The most common wood siding options include plywood, cedar shakes and clapboard. Since the shed is a small structure, you can pick a good looking siding for your project.

Shed Floor
Building the floor comes right after you have prepared your foundation. Make sure water stays away from the wood floor by building a proper foundation and sealing the roof tightly. Appropriate ventilation and efficient gutters can help reduce moisture that can damage your floor system. However, always use treated wood when building your floor. Water may still come in contact with your joists and decking. Using plywood flooring will save time as it will limit the need for cutting.

Shed Doors
The entrance for your shed is very important, especially its opening. Always make it wider than needed. Openings wider than 5 feet will work great. Building a wider door will be extremely useful if you decide to store larger equipment down the road.

Batten doors are the ones that are most used for outdoor sheds. The three types of batten doors include:

1. Ledged (can be damaged by moisture)
2. Ledged and braced (most popular)
3. Framed and ledged (most durable)

Shed Roof Covering
Roof shingles are very popular in the US and their use is increasing in other parts of the world. They are not difficult to install, durable and can provide an attractive look to your shed. There are different types of roof covering to choose from when building a shed. Some of the mostly used roof covering includes asphalt shingles, wooden shingles and clay tiles.

Shed Windows
Windows do so much more than provide lighting and ventilation for your shed. They can have a very positive effect on how your shed looks. Windows can dramatically enhance the style of your shed. There are a few options on the materials you can choose for your shed windows. Wood is always a great choice, especially when you paint it. You can select aluminum due to its durability, yet it can be costly. You can get new windows at your local home store or save some money by getting used ones.

There are several types of wood that are used for outdoor structures. Always use pressure treated lumber for your projects. Wood that is not properly seasoned can contract when it dries. Pressure treated wood will not be easily affected by decay or insects. Pay close attention to any cupping, which is a slight curve that is created by moisture.

Lumber is divided into two categories: select and common. Select grades vary from wood without knots to lumber having larger knots. Common lumber is the most frequently used and has numerical rankings from 1 to 5 in descending quality. A No. 2 grade offers the most value in terms of price and quality for most shed projects.

Save Money! – Get a List of Materials to Build Your Shed