Popular Shed Types – Different Styles and Uses

There are many different types of shed that you can build on your backyard. Most sheds are used to keep important things that are not easily stored inside the house, attic or the garage. These extremely useful outdoor structures will add tremendous character to your backyard. There are numerous uses for any particular shed, so start thinking of the items that you will be storing inside your shed. Some of the most popular sheds are summarized below.

Loafing Sheds
People that raise horses may find a need for a run-in shed or loafing shed. This shed typically has three sides and serves as shelter for your animals during difficult weather conditions. If you are building a loafing shed make sure your roof is high enough so your horses are comfortable. Also consider is how wide the entrance needs to be to bring in the equipment to clean the manure. Horses can get injured if you have loose metal objects on the walls or around the shed.

Remember to build your shed on an area that will not flood. Try to keep you shed free from anything that will make loud noises caused by high winds. Horses will be frightened because of the noise and may hurt themselves.

You can choose to have a dirt floor or to go with concrete. Dirt floors are the easiest solution but keep them leveled and dry. If you elect concrete remember to use padding to lessen the stress from your horse’s feet.

Firewood Sheds
This shed also has three sides as it can be built against another building using a lean to shed roof. Unless you choose a freestanding building, a skid foundation is enough when you are building this kind of shed. Lean to sheds are cheaper to make and have one open space that adds flexibility in case your storage needs increase.

These sheds are intended to maintain your wood dry when the cold winter arrives. Firewood sheds need to be located at a convenient distance from your residence. Building the roof property is very important because its pitch needs to drive water away so it does not damage the wood or accumulates near the foundation.

Firewood needs to be stored property for airflow. In order for the wood to burn well, it first needs to be seasoned and dry. Allow the wood to dry before it is stacked.

Garden Sheds
Gardening becomes easier when you have a large backyard shed that is conveniently located. This shed will offer more storage space so that the inside of your home, your garage and outdoor areas are not burdened by the items needed for gardening. Garden sheds have several benefits as they provide room to store your tractors, mowers and other lawn equipment. They are perfect to store soil, shovels, sprayers, gloves and other attire used for gardening.

If you add windows to your gardening shed it can double as a greenhouse, where you can plant seedlings and grow warm climate plants in cooler climates. This type of shed will add architectural appeal to your yard. Equipped with trellises and flower pots, it can become a garden center with immense possibilities.

Pool Sheds
Pool sheds are categorized as special purpose sheds and can be built in different sizes and are multi-functional. Pool filtration and cleaning equipment can be easily accommodated in one of these sheds. Large sheds can also house furniture, tables and grills. This type of structure can have many amenities for entertaining such as bars, restrooms and showers. More sophisticated pool sheds allow you to locate the pool away from your house and reduce the noise of poolside activities.